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Successful stress management in eating

Students find helpful tricks to not overeat when stress comes their way

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Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013 13:02


Typically, college students are known to have high stress levels. Most college students have a difficult time with time management and therefore cause their stress and anxiety level to rise. 

Balancing class schedules, sports, jobs, and friends causes students to feel overwhelmed and unable to complete their everyday tasks. Some students involved in extracurricular activities agree.

“Between hockey practice everyday, a hectic class schedule, studying for exams and work, I barely have time to sleep,” said senior Sarah Delaney.

Various Sacred Heart University students agree with Delaney.

“I just have so much on my plate sometimes. It’s hard to manage it all,” says sophomore Chelsey Ferraro

Many students say that the stress of school affects their sleep schedules.

“There are nights I don’t get to sleep until three or four in the morning,” said junior Michelle Capazzi.

Head athletic trainer Leo Katsetos copes with his stress in a different manner. Katsetos likes to get in a good work-out that consists of running, swimming, biking, and lifting weights to relieve his stress. 

Sophomore Jaime Perotti admits to indulging in chips and salsa when she feels stressed.

“When I’m studying for a huge exam, I literally eat an entire bag of chips with spicy salsa. I don’t know what it is but it calms my nerves,” said Perotti.

Leaning towards unhealthy eating is a popular reaction to the stress caused by school.

“When I’m stuck on campus I have to run to Outtakes quick and grab something; which tends to be not healthy like, potato chips or a sugary energy drink to give me a boost,” says Capazzi

According to Huffpost Healthy Living, there are seven healthy food choices to help relieve stress.

  These seven foods include: green tea, dark chocolate, different types of fish, oatmeal, leafy greens, citrus fruit, and milk.

  Stress eating is a way of eating that many individuals partake in as a form of coping with various emotions and high stress levels. 

It often happens in the busy lives of college students with foods that ease the level of stress which contain a high amount of fat and carbohydrates. 

These known “comfort foods” are foods that help with emotional aspects of life but can turn remorseful when the stressful period is over. This is the reason why most students tend to overeat when they are feeling stressed out or nervous.

Unfortunately the foods that  provide comfort, like greasy french fries from fast and affordable locations, are not nutritional and high in fat.

The best way to avoid overeating is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet consisting of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Katsetos says he eats a balanced diet composed of fruits and vegetables.

“I also focus on whole grains, lean meats and good fats,” said Katsetos

Instead of indulging in high calorie, fatty foods to control emotions and ease stress, there are healthier ways to cope with stress. 

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