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Students workout to resolve stress issues

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:11

Students work out in the William H. Pitt Center.

The Spectrum/Marc Troiani

Students work out in the William H. Pitt Center.


Finding the time to hit the books and to hit the treadmill can be hard for some Sacred Heart University students. As the semester draws closer to an end it can become difficult to find the time to do all the things on your schedule. 

       There are days that working out at the Pitt Center can be smooth for students. Then there are days where there may be a line of students waiting for one exercise machine. According to seniors Liz Roy and Suzanne May, who both visit the gym frequently and know the weight room and cardio equipment, can become very crowded in the days following Thanksgiving.

     “During these seasons of increased people at the gym it tends to get so crowded that lots of times its impossible to get a work out in,” said May.

      Some students use motivation from over indulging in holiday favorites to burn some excess calories at the gym.

    “Feeling guilty after stuffing your face for a few days at home motivates me more than the average gym user to hit the gym hard for the week after break, then finals come and the motivation dies,” said Roy.

     The rigorous final exam schedule can be enough to keep even the most active students buried under books. It is important that students are finding the time to separate their physical workout, from their mental workout. According to May, with the right schedule, finding time for both is possible.

      “I set an alarm every morning and make sure that I work out, so then I have it out of the way,” said May. “Then I usually set aside a few hours a day when I’m not in class to study and do homework. By doing this, the two never seem to get in the way of each other.”

      Once students have found the time to work out, many of them find it is easier to go to the gym with a group of friends.

     “I like to work out with a friend because it is motivating and pushes me to workout harder,” said senior Aimee Toner. “It is also nice to have company.”

      On the other hand, between all the stress of studying and group projects, some students agree with Roy, in that going with a group only adds to all of the stress.

     “I usually prefer to use the machines alone unless we can agree on how long we’ll stay,” said Roy. “It’s the worst when your buddy is ready to leave and you could stay another 20 minutes.

       Other students agree it is best to go to the gym solo to be the most productive.

“It gets to be too complicated,” said senior Zachary Doyle. 

       Whether you are working out your muscles in the gym or working out your brain in the library it is important to keep active through the stressful final season.

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