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Students react well to new "Vine" iPhone App

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 16:05


The newest App for the iPhone is Vine. Vine makes it possible to record short video clips from phones and then combine them. It then posts it to the app as well as your feed. Celebrities, athletes, and various students from Sacred Heart University have downloaded this app and put it to use every day.  

  “Vine has really took over SHU lately with tons of students downloading the app and has been a tool for people to use at parties and hanging out with friends. I like it since you can capture the funniest moments of the night and show all your friends the next day,” says senior Steven Legatto.

Other students seem to also enjoy the simplicity of Vine.

  “I use this app. My friends and I like to make videos before we go out on the weekends,” said junior Donald Gill.

Some students say that it is not only fun to make the videos, but it is entertaining to see what other people post on their page.

“I think it’s a fun new social media site that’s an entertaining way to see what my friends are up to. My friends always post the funniest videos,” said junior Corey Konaxis. “I could watch the videos my best friends post for hours, they’re hilarious and always catch me doing something silly with out me knowing.”

Vine lets users “follow” other people who have the app and view the videos they post. The app allows you to record short clips as well as longer clips to create a collage type video.  A lot of students have this app and follow each other.

“I follow all of my friends and teammates,” says sophomore Katie Duda. “Even when we’re just sitting around in Roncalli, we make videos together just because we’re bored. It’s fun to catch your friends doing silly things when they aren’t paying attention.”

Many people, once they hear about Vine, want to download it immediately. 

“I heard about this app the other day and then downloaded it. I’m hooked. I follow a lot of students from SHU,” says freshman Moe Kafel

What is so great about Vine is that it is able to capture little moments that people wish to remember.

“I like taking videos out at parties and capturing the moment. It’s my senior year so I want to make the most out my last few weeks and try and make as many memories as I can so vine helps me with that,” said Legatto.

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