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Students learn skills through studying abroad

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Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 15:11


For some Sacred Heart University students, holiday breaks are a time to relax, perhaps get a temporary job, and veer away from schoolwork.  For other students, it is a time to experience new cultures, make new friends, and explore the world.

       Studying abroad is an experience when students have an opportunity to attend classes in a different atmosphere, and, possibly, a different country.

       Senior Leah Salindong said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the study abroad program in Dingle, Ireland.”

       It may sound like all fun and games, but students who travel abroad have to attend classes as well as explore new territories.

       “The only disadvantage was that the class periods were long and intense and I think it could’ve been spread out better,” said Salindong.

        Regardless of the long classes, students think that the overall experience is enjoyable.

“I took Celtic theology which I really enjoyed because I was in the country that I was studying so it gave me the opportunity to see a lot of things and experience a lot of people and things I never would’ve experienced,” said Madeline Murcott.

        Other students looked forward to learning the studying habits of other places.

       “I took an on-site class so it was two days a week for three or four hours and it was more interactive than sitting in a classroom and missing out on experiencing Rome.”

        With all the classes, prospective students may be concerned about balancing the learning experience with social aspects of the trip. 

        “I took four classes and that’s all I had weekly so there was a lot of free time,” said junior Cassandra Apruzzese. “It’s normal to go out any day of the week and there was plenty of time for that... since Fridays were off, there was plenty of time to travel on the weekends,” said Apruzzese.

Professors and leaders also make sure students stay on track while away from home. 

       “We want students to take their academics seriously but we also know that this experience involves more than just taking classes,” said study abroad coordinator, Francesca Schenker.

        Students are  not always solely interested in the academic experience but the abroad aspect as well. 

       “Everyone has their own purpose for partaking in this rewarding experience and there truly is no right or wrong reason,” said Schenker.

        Students with experience in study abroad provided some advice for others interested in taking one of the courses.

        “For certain people it might be difficult to adjust to a new environment but I think if you give where you are a chance and open yourself up to new experiences, you would really enjoy yourself,” said Murcott.

        Whether they studied abroad in Ireland or Rome, student of the program encourages more people to apply for abroad programs.

        “It was a great experience and I think if you have the opportunity to study abroad, I recommend taking on even a short program.  It’ll expand the way you think and the person that you are,” said Moller.

        Those interested in applying to study abroad during approaching semesters are invited to go to the study abroad website at or their Facebook page,

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