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Students Comment on Fall Internships

Staff Reporter

Published: Friday, September 27, 2013

Updated: Friday, September 27, 2013 16:09

Spectrum's Editor in Chief Erin Marley Hard at Work At Connecticut's Own News Channel 12

Erin Marley

Spectrum's Editor in Chief Erin Marley Hard at Work At Connecticut's Own News Channel 12


As Sacred Heart University students advance in their college journey they are given more responsibility and tasks to take on.  Gaining responsibilities is a crucial step towards the inevitable “real world” for a college student. A way in which Sacred Heart is able to guide their students is by providing them with seasonal internships, which bridges the gap between classroom studies and the professional workplace. 

Sacred Heart is able to pair with outside businesses and corporations depending on which major students are enrolled in. These corporations will take in their students and teach them all that they need to know, leaving them with an excellent resume for future job offers. 

Senior Julianne Gilligan was paired with Bridgeport Hospital for an internship in the nursing field where she would report to the hospital for a work day as opposed to school for classes. 

“I felt that learning hands on would give me a greater idea of what I was in for,” said Gilligan. 

Gilligan elaborated on the pros and cons of having a fall internship for junior year.  While it is ideal to be working at a dream job, it is also a very large adjustment. The initial balance between dealing with going to school and the feeling of working a “full-time” job can be difficult at times. 

“It was tough for me to balance out my grades while having to report to the hospital as well.” 

Junior Victoria Vessella recently began her fall 2013 internship with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Liberty Mutual seemed like the perfect environment for Vessella, as a human resources major. 

And it was.

“On the first day that I started they explained that they are expecting their interns to quickly become part of their team, and to provide any insight knowledge or ideas to their designated department,” said Vessella. “This made me feel like I was actually making a difference.” 

Much like Gilligan, Vessella expressed that the biggest adjustment that comes along with having an internship is the balance between school work, and “school life” with reporting to a real job in the real world. 

“It makes me feel like I have already completed college and have started my profession already, until I have to come back at 4 o’clock and attend my 7:30 class,” said Vessella.

Internships offered by Sacred Heart are provided to strengthen and broaden students’ horizons in the workplace. Having real life experiences in the field allows students to get a glimpse of what lies ahead. 

Businesses and corporations appreciate the help provided by students just as much as students appreciate their experiences. Sacred Heart students are able to grow into functioning adults and are no longer seen as practicing interns through the experiences that they have while completing internships. 

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