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How do you do SHU?


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Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 15:11


When junior year of college rolls around many students are eager to move out of their dorms and live in off campus housing. 

For me, that happened this year. This past summer I moved into a house along with a few other roommates. 

Living in your own house gives you a lot of freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. 

My favorite thing about living off campus is having my own room. I got to decorate it however I wanted to, painted it my favorite color (blue), and the best part is having my own space. 

It is so much easier to get my work done now, and also being able to have some down time whenever I want without any distractions, since I don’t have a direct roommate. 

Another plus is being able to have pets. 

My housemates and I recently adopted a kitten and it really has helped us feel more at home. 

I would have to say the biggest down side about living off campus would be taking out the trash. 

As easy as it sounds (and as it really is), sometimes my roommates and I forget to do it. 

Bridgeport is also really strict when it comes to its trash and recycling rules, so if there is something in the recycling that shouldn’t be there, then they won’t take it. 

Unfortunately this has happened to us multiple times so we have to go through our recycling and then put it out the next week, crossing our fingers that they’ll take it.

Another downside about living off campus is that if there is a maintenance issue, you can’t call Sacred Heart’s maintenance office.

You’re basically on your own and have to call company’s directly associated with the issue (for example Con Ed), or if you have a good landlord (like my roommates and I have), then they will probably take care of the issue for you. 

Overall, living off campus so far has definitely enhanced my experience at Sacred Heart. 

Not only do I have more freedom and am able to do whatever I want whenever I want, but I have also gained a lot of responsibility this past year and it is really teaching me a lot about life and becoming an independent adult.



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