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Fantasy Football

Staff Reporter

Published: Friday, September 27, 2013

Updated: Friday, September 27, 2013 16:09

Student Plays Fantasy Football

Evan Pittman

Student Plays Fantasy Football


September signifies the start of a new NFL season. However, for many it also means the start of a new fantasy football season. 

A growing trend over the last few years is fantasy football. It adds a new dimension to watching football on Sundays. “Your more invested in games you wouldn’t usually pay attention to. It adds an extra element to your Sundays,” said sophomore Nate Lavertu, an avid fantasy football player. Lavertu is involved in a ten-person league with friends from his hometown.  

The stakes are high for many fantasy football players. “Each person in my league pays $50 to join, the winner walks away with $500. “That [money] would definitely be nice,” said Lavertu who has been playing fantasy football for the last three NFL seasons. 

Each fantasy football season begins with an online draft. Owners in the league pick their teams usually consisting of 15-20 players from around the NFL. A team’s starting lineup may vary from league to league but usually consists of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, a team defense and a kicker. 

In Lavertu’s league, players face off head to head each week. Teams with the best record go to the playoffs, usually beginning in week 12 of the NFL season. Players are awarded for touchdowns, passing yards, rushing yards among other things. 

“In my league every 25 passing yards a quarterback has equals one point and every 10 rushing yards a player has equals one point. I’ve got Adrian Peterson and Colin Kaepernick on my team this year so I’m optimistic,” said sophomore Will Duman who is in a league with eight of his friends this year.

Like Duman, Lavertu is also excited about his team’s chances this year, “I personally hate Peyton Manning but I think he’s going to have a good year and lead my team to the championship. I don’t have to like the players on my team they just have to get me wins,” he said.

Lavertu and his league play through Yahoo’s fantasy football outlet. Until this season Yahoo has had the most amount of fantasy football subscribers every year. Yahoo, with 6,235,000 users, was surpassed by ESPN who narrowly beat them with 6,276,790 users in 2013. Other fantasy football outlets include and 

“I use, I think it’s just the simplest and most straight forward platform there is to play on,” said sophomore Will Duman.  

Yahoo’s drop in subscribers may be contributed to its brand new layout that came out this year. While the numbers show some subscribers are moving away from Yahoo after the new layout, Lavertu happens to like it. 

“I like Yahoo’s new look, it’s a lot more modern looking and more interactive than it was last year,” said Lavertu. 

As the season moves on fantasy football participants only become more and more invested in their team. “I check my team everyday and I’m sure I’ll check it even more as the playoffs get closer,” said Duman.

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