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Apples and oranges instead of Bistro

“Crowding out” junk food grows in popularity

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 14:05

There is plenty of junk food to be had at Outtakes, located in the heart of the  Sacred Heart campus

The Spectrum/Samantha Purnell

There is plenty of junk food to be had at Outtakes, located in the heart of the Sacred Heart campus.

When it comes to dieting, studies have shown that it makes more sense not to cut out, but rather to “crowd out” the junk food.

    “Crowding out” is a term used to describe how to eat in a healthy way, so that you never have the chance to feel hungry.

    “When I decide to eat healthier or diet, I usually eat less altogether, while also cutting out specific foods with high carbs such as pasta,” said senior Eddie Kennedy.

    According to the Huffington Post, “the secret to weight loss is all about crowding out, not cutting out.”
    The article “An Apple A Day Melts the Pounds Away!” explains the pros and cons of dieting and eating healthier.

    “All you have to do to get started is to add healthier choices to whatever else you’re already eating,” the article said.

    “I think that crowding out is more effective than cutting out,” said junior Kelly King. “If you cut out something, you’re just going to end up eating a large amount of that type of food and gaining more weight in the end.”
    Eating nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods make people stop feeling the cravings. Since there is no more space in your stomach for junk food, you are left feeling fulfilled and satisfied. One main reason for this is fiber, since it helps control your weight by filling your stomach, and it yields few calories.

    Fiber is a large source of the problem when it comes to eating healthier among the public. Most Americans do not get enough fiber each day to meet their nutritional requirements. Women should get at least 25 grams per day on a 2,000 calorie diet and men are recommended to get 38 grams. However, the average American only gets about 15 grams daily.

    “I learned in a class that the reason fiber has so few calories is because for the most part, we cannot digest it,” said King.

    The Huffington Post also talks about how apples should be a part of most people’s diets because of how rich it is in nutrients and fibers.

    “And apples don’t have just have any old fiber, they are a rich source of a particularly powerful kind called pectin,” the Post said. “In our stomach, it can delay stomach emptying.”
    Many Sacred Heart University students said they value fitness and staying in shape. But some are unaware that increasing fruit and vegetable intake leads to a decrease in the consumption of unhealthy food.

    With summer, and bathing suit season approaching, students are more aware of their nutritional intake.

    “I’m cautious about what I eat, but I have never gone to the extreme of full on dieting,” junior Stephanie Zullo, “I just try to eat as healthy as I can.”

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