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Amy says

My Subway Ride

Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 16:05


I love cities. Especially NYC. I’ve gotten to know it fairly well over the past few years. There is inevitable that the city comes hand-in-hand with its subway system. Point blank, you will have to get on one.  Many joyous and incomprehensible happenings occur under ground, I can tell you that much.  In fact, why don’t          

I tell you that much—and maybe even a little more than that.      

Here are the top five inevitabilities of the subway.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride (yes I know you all saw that cliché coming...)




1. The puker.

It’s more upsetting when you know the puker; but regardless, someone puking on the subway is way up there on the unpleasant scale.  This typically occurs in the late night subway rides when the cars are 74 percent intoxicated folk.  I have been witness to this twice and it was just as alarming both times.  

Considering I get nauseous on the subway with a belly full of Thai food, I can only imagine the feeling of vodka sloshing around your insides. Even so, I find “the puke rider” hard to justify. If you feel sick, just walk to your destination—the fresh air will be good for you.  


2. The homeless man that sits next to you.

This event can be positive or negative.  Many of these people have some interesting stories to tell and opinions to force upon you.  If they start to fall asleep and lean on your shoulder, then we may start to have some problems. 


3. Toddlers on the subway. 

I could write a long-winded novel on the youth that ride the subway.  Babies lovingly embrace the grime and filth that is the NYC subway. One time I was sitting next to a cute little girl with a bright red bow in her hair. She was eating chicken nuggets.  With every twist and turn on the car, another nugget would slip from her grip and fly onto the floor.  With this came, the girl bursting out of her chair, chasing around and finally picking up the dust infested nugget and then eating it.  

Must we not forget to mention, the pole lickers.  

So, the next time you hold onto the metal pole for support just remember that 10 thousand people have handled it, but not to worry because five thousand have licked it clean. 


4. The various scents

The rawness of the subway car’s scent cannot go unnoticed.  It is usually a beautiful combination of sour urine, musty breath, and abandoned dreams. This is before adding people and any kind of food source that may be on their person. I’m being dramatic, you get used to the smell. 


5. The runner

This encompasses many happenings. My personal favorites are the people that run onto the subway, touch the back wall and then try to get off before the doors shut. Meanwhile all their friends are cheering for them from the platform.  Half the time, the doors will close and it’s really funny, and the other half there is no one in that car and it’s pretty anti-climatic. The people that run into the subway like it’s the last subway on earth just amuse me. Hello, there will be another in the next three to five minutes. Why don’t you just slow down NYC, just simmer.  Where do you possibly have to get to at such a reckless speed at 1:30a.m. in the morning? 


Everyone has a story to tell.  It’s interesting to think about all these different people in the subway and how they all have different destinations but at that one particular point in time, their story is the same as yours.  Subways are poetic in that sense and that’s why I love them. 

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