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WWE Wrestler Gives Presentation at SHU

Staff Reporter

Published: Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 18, 2012 11:10

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, former WWE wrestler and champion, Mick Foley gave a presentation at Sacred Heart University. 

The presentation entitled, “Stomping Out Sexual Assault on Campus,” was a requirement for all Greek Life students and athletes.

Foley has not only been a professional wrestler, but also a New York Times Bestselling Autobiographer, a stand up comedian, and a Rape Crisis Hotline Volunteer. 

Foley began the presentation by allowing students to ask him some questions about his wrestling career; but he then shifted to a much more serious topic on rape. 

“I’m not an expert, I just have a lot of experience as a volunteer. One in four women will be sexually assaulted while they are in college, and the impact is widespread and effects everybody,” said Foley.

What he found in common for a majority of the women he has talked to was that they felt guilty for not fighting back or trying to stop their attacker. They blamed themselves and felt that they were responsible for their own situation. 


Foley explained that it is not their fault and when being sexually assaulted, some women’s bodies go in to what is called “Nora-adrenaline,” where the body decides the best way to stay alive is to do nothing; otherwise known as “shell shock,” in military terms. 

“That is interesting and I never knew that. I just thought the reason some people do not fight back is because they are scared,” said junior Jocelyn Alfieri

Some people find difficult to say what happened to them.

“Most people are afraid to speak up because they fear judgment, and fear the attacker will return to hurt them again,” said Foley. 

These are the situations people should not shy away from. 

“There is misinformation everywhere, it’s sad,” said Foley. “This is [as] important as anything I have ever done, and I wish more people could realize how important this is because it needs to be better funded.”

Mick Foley stresses the importance of his lectures because the matters he speaks about are very personal to him. Foley had a friend experience sexual harassment first hand. 

“When I was twenty years old, a good friend told me she had been raped and I didn’t even know what to say,” said Foley. 

He wanted to learn more to help her, along with thousands of other victims. 

The most common factor in rape is vulnerability. 

“Rape is a crime of power and most victims hope it will go away, rather than deal with it.” Most people forget that this does not only affect women, but also men. “10% of all survivors are men,” said Foley. 

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