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Going crazy for CrossFit

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Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 13:02



Some people call it the “CrossFit cult.” I call it a family. 

I had heard a lot about CrossFit in the past but I never knew what it really consisted of until I watched the 2012 CrossFit Games. 

When I watched the competitors doing functional weight lifting movements paired with gymnastic type moves, I knew I was onto something special. As I did more research I found out exactly what CrossFit is. 

Those of you who have heard the hype about CrossFit in recent years but are apprehensive to try it, I have three words for you: go for it! For those of you who do not know what all the hype is about, CrossFit has a rather simple definition. 

CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. However, the moves required to train CrossFit style are anything but elementary. From power snatches, to muscle-ups, to double-under jump roping, each workout requires skill and strength. 

The work out of the day, or WODs, are challenges against a time clock with a determined amount of weight. The RX, or prescribed amount of weight, is the goal for many CrossFitters. The score is how fast the athlete can perform the workout. 

At the CrossFit games, athletes race to complete the same workout with the same amount of weight. Whoever finishes first is the victor. After several rounds of WODs, one man and one woman are named the fittest on Earth. 

After joining a CrossFit box-- their version of a gym-- I finally understand why people are going crazy for CrossFit

When you look inside a CrossFit box on any given day, you may see a group of people lifting bars above their heads, slamming their bodies on the ground just to see how fast they can get back up (literally), rubbing chalk all over their hands, and doing pull ups that look more like a gymnastics routines. You will see the athletes look up at the clock on their last repetition of the WOD, catch their breath, and then run over to anyone still working. The whole group will cheer, shout, and all out scream until the last person has finished the workout. 

The competitive atmosphere combined with community is the secret to why CrossFitters keep coming back after each grueling workout. The box I joined immediately took me in like I was part of the family and I have been hooked ever since. Each day I step in the gym, I walk out with more confidence than I thought possible. And it’s all thanks to my fellow CrossFitters. The online, national, and even global CrossFit community brings tremendous strength to the sport. 

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, the CrossFit community came together to provide support for the town. I participated in the Sandy Hook Benefit WOD at CrossFit Redzone in Newtown on Jan. 5. The event raised over $100,000. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing sport. It pushes me to be my best everyday and humbles me like no other workout has before.

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