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SHU choir brings the ‘wondrous’ love

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 17:03

Students, family, friends, and faculty gathered into the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on Saturday, March 24 to watch the Sacred Heart University Choirs perform in the “Wondrous Love” concert. 

    Almost 200 singers took part in the show, from either the Concert Choir, UnFOURgettable, Pioneer Choir, 4 Heart Harmony, Spain Choir, or the Liturgical Choir.

    Dr. John Michniewicz directed all six choirs that performed in the concert, and chose this year’s title based on a song of the same name.

     “It seemed like a good name to describe the concert,” he said.    

    The Concert Choir, Pioneer, and Liturgical Choirs. Their first title performing the upbeat song titled “Jubilant Song,” which is translated to “Sing to the Lord a New Song.” The three choirs consisted of both men and women singing the anthem, as well as a pianist, a drummer, and a guitarist accompanying.

    Sophomore Teresa Gagliostro performed triple duty, singing with the Liturgical, the Concert Choir, and the Spain Choir.

    “Being a part of the concert is a lot of fun, but it also takes up a lot of time and practice,” she said. “In the end, I enjoy being apart of the choir so it is worth it.”

    The 20 members of the Spain Choir, who performed in Spain during Spring break, performed the slow tempo song, “La Liberta,” a song with lyrics were written by Pope John Paul II.

    The UnFOURgettable Choir, which consists of four female students, performed such songs as “Carry Me Through.” The upbeat song, accompanied by a guitarist, pianist, and drummer made the audience clap along.

    The 4 Heart Harmony Choir, has both male and female  members. The choir performed “The Lamb,” which is based on a poem. The other song that was performed by the choir was the upbeat song titled “He Never Failed Me Yet,” which is about an all-successful Jesus.

    Freshman Stephanie Messier watched the concert as a preview of what her next semester will be like at Sacred Heart.        “I enjoyed the concert a lot because I am joining choir next year. So it was a good experience to be able to see what I will be doing,” she said. “Also, it was really nice to see everyone who came out, and came together to support and watch the choirs perform.”   

    The last song of the night was performed by all six choirs combined and is called “Jubilate Deo.” The song, translated as, “O be Joyful in the Lord,” got the audience clapping and was the perfect way for the audience to show their wondrous love for the night’s evening.

    Dr. Michniewicz recognizes the hard work put into preparing for the concert, and is proud of his singers.

    “Directing and preparing for this concert tonight takes a lot of work, it takes time to perfect the music, and make it great,” he said. “But the practice that went into the concert really showed and made it great, which is why I am really glad with how everything turned out.”

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